Postdocs and PhD student openings (Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Applied Math)
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here are two postdocs and one PhD student (RA/TA) openings in the High-performance and Data-intensive Computing Lab in New Jersey Institute of Technology. We are looking to hire students/postdocs with background in high-performance computing and Big Data (systems, data analytics including visualization). Candidates with strong background in the areas above, or closely related areas, such as systems, software (system software, middleware), and networking will also be seriously considered. Candidates with applied math background (but has strong software development experience using C/C++) will be considered for PhD positions. For Phd students, strong programming skills in C/C++ and strong motivation to succeed is a MUST. For Postdocs, it is expected the candidates have already
had a decent track record in terms of publications on international conferences/journals.
Interested candidates, please submit your CV in pdf to Prof. Qing Liu at

Several advantages of working in my group at NJIT.

1. Working with the best researchers in HPC. We regularly publish on the best HPC conferences (SC, HPDC, SIGMETRICS). Students and postdocs have the opportunities to work with collaborators at Oak Ridge National Lab. We will be able to have the access to the best computing facilities (e.g., Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility) in USA and applications. Possibilities of being hiring by Oak Ridge National Lab after the end of the appointment.

2. I plan to graduate PhD students in 3.5 years, and I have stable funding to cover 2 postdocs and 2 students for a long period. But my goal is to gradate students sooner than later. For postdocs, we offer various additional opportunities, e.g., participating in proposal writing as coPI, supervising PhD/Master students, and etc.

3. The school is in a VERY good location - 30 mins to Manhattan but you still can choose to live in a small city environment. Google, AT&T, Bloomberg, IBM, and many investment banks are nearby. It's very easy to land a summer internship or a fulltime job in the NJ/NY area. My former students were employed by Amazon, Twitter, IBM TJ Watson after they graduated.

4. NJIT is ranked about 80-90 in computer science and computer engineering.