Postdoctoral Researcher: network mechanisms for Smart Cities and the Internet of Things
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Institute of Telecommunications has an open PostDoctoral Researcher position in a Project with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU): “S2MovingCity: Sensing and Serving a Moving City”.

This is a research project in Smart Cities and Internet of Things that addresses both the communication infrastructure between vehicles and sensors, and data analysis and visualization.

The work in this position will focus on the network mechanisms in a vehicular network that are required to make it a communication infrastructure that both enables the transmission of sensors information to the cloud and  disseminates video content through the vehicles. These mechanisms will base their roots on delay tolerant networks, content distribution networks and peer-to-peer networks.

The mechanisms to be developed will be tested in real environments. Through previous projects we were able to deploy the largest vehicular network in the world, with more than 600 vehicles connected between themselves and the Internet, and several hundreds of sensors through the city.


The work is to be performed within the Institute of Telecommunications in Aveiro, in the University of Aveiro Campus, Portugal.

Applicants should send CV via email to sandra@av.itNaN with Subject: Ref 759/2016  by August 24th 2016.

Grant should start in September or October 2016.


Susana Sargento

Associate Professor with ‘Habillitation’

Senior Researcher in the Institute of Telecommunications


Email: susana@uaNaN