Three Post-Doc/Specially AssignedResearcher Positions in GDUPT, China
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Industrial Security and WirelessSensor Networks Lab at Guangdong University of Petrochemical Technology, Chinais seeking 3 highly motivated Post-Docs/Specially Assigned Researchers to jointhe research team to conduct a few granted research projects for 3 years(Contract can be further extended, if having outstanding performance)

Project Information:

1.Middleware Design and Implementation forIndustrial Wireless Sensor Networks

2.Toxic Gas and Leakage Point Detection inLarge Scale Petrochemical Plants

3.Fault Diagnosis for Petrochemical Equipmentin Large Scale Petrochemical Plants

The expected candidates should have aPh.D degree with good background knowledge in one or a few of the followingfields:

1.Wireless sensor networks

2.Graph Theory, Optimization Theory

3.Middleware Design

4.Semantic Technology

5.Artificial Intelligence

Plus, the candidates are expected tohave good programming skill in Java language, and proficient English inreading, writing and speaking. Ideally, the candidates is also expected tospeak certain level Chinese.

Salary for these positions depends onthe candidate’s previous experience, which can be quite competitive to thesalary standards in USA and Europe (30K USD, or more). Plus, living expense in Maoming, Chinais very low.

Candidates who want to apply thesepositions, please kindly contact Prof. Lei Shu by sending CV and 3 selectedbest publication records to email address:

Candidate who is married, we may alsoconsider offering a position in the university if the spouse has certain skillwith a qualified degree.

Information of Prof. Lei Shu:

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