postdoc position: Cloud and SOA for service delivery platforms
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     Open post-doctoral research fellow position
     Cloud Computing  and SOA Technologies for Advanced Service Delivery Platforms

A post-doctoral position is immediately available in Dr Glithos 
research group, at CIISE, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. The 
group focuses on application/service layer architectures, technologies 
and software.
We collaborate with industrial companies such as Ericsson and CISCO 
Systems. We have also recently joined the Canadian NSERC Strategic 
Network for Smart Applications on Virtual Infrastructure (SAVI).

The candidate will research, design, and validate architectures for 
advanced service delivery platforms.   Cloud computing and SOA 
(Service Oriented Architecture) technologies will be used as enabling 
technologies. The targeted domains include 4G/5G networks and Internet 
of Things.

The requirements are as follows:
1. Recent PhD in Computer Engineering, Computer Science or related areas.
2. Hands-on experience  in some of the following areas:
                Virtualization and cloud computing
                Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
                Telecommunication service delivery platforms (e.g. IP 
Multimedia Subsystem)
Telecommunications infrastructure (4G and Beyond)
                Internet of Things infrastructure (e.g. wireless 
sensors, robots)
3. Strong software design/implementation and prototyping skills
4. Strong algorithm design skills
5. Publications in high impact journals and well known conference proceedings

Please email me your resume if you are interested.  I will contact 
only the short-listed candidates. My email is:

Roch Glitho, PhD
Associate Professor of Networking and Telecommunications
Canada Research Chair in End-user Service Engineering for 
Communication Networks
Concordia Institute of Information Systems Engineering (CIISE)
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
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